Why Choose a Glass Bathroom Vanity?

When people describe glass bathroom vanities, they are usually talking about the countertop and sink being made of glass. While some vanities are completely made out of glass, including the cabinets, this is not the norm. A glass bathroom vanity can be extremely expensive and fragile compared to other models. However, these kind of vanities scream elegance. They looks extremely nice in any bathroom and are also easy to wash.

When you buy a glass bathroom vanity, it sometimes comes with the sink. Other times, it will not have a sink and you will have to buy that separately. The benefit of the vanity coming with the sink is to ensure that they both match and fit together. If you have to buy the sink separately, you will have to make sure that they both match and that they fit together. Buying a sink that doesn’t fit would be a big bummer.

You can also get your glass bathroom vanity custom made by a glass manufacturer. The benefit of this is that the glass vanity is exactly how you desired. Furthermore, you can also get the bathroom vanity cabinets custom made, out of glass, to have one complete elegant vanity.

Glass vanities are gaining in popularity over the years. They can easily brighten up a bathroom, especially if there is a lot of natural light entering the bathroom. It creates an open space. However, if there is no natural light, you can install special lighting under the vanity counter top. This can become a focal point in the room.

There are different types of glass that can be used. You can use clear glass which is one of the oldest types of glass and also most popular. Gaining in popularity is the frosted glass. This glass is not completely see through but it has an extremely modern look and goes well with steel.

As it was previously said, glass vanities are good because they have low maintenance and are easy to clean. The sleek look goes well in a well-lighted bathroom.

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