Tips On Floor Lamp Lighting With Home Decorating

The best tips on floor lamps lighting with home decoration
1.) Decide where the floor-lamp lighting unit will be placed, and what you will use the light for. A reading light, a soft white light in a conversation area, a baby’s room, or a work area light. Each area requires a different type of light.

Contemporary Floor Lamp Lighting

For a living area that you want well-lit, I would recommend using an uplighter. An uplighter is a stylish floor-lamp lighting unit that has a single colored pole with a reflector at the top. Uplighters normally use a powerful halogen bulb. The light from the halogen bulb is directed towards the ceiling. This causes all the light to bounce off the ceiling, then down to where it is needed.

Uplighter floor-lamp lighting units cut down on glare while providing an amazing amount of light in the area. In fact, a decent sized uplighter will easily light a fairly large room.

Uplighter floor-lamp lighting units look stylish. They appear like a single pole extending towards the ceiling with what looks like an inverted bowl on top. The pole can be different colors. The bowl at the top houses the halogen bulb and shines the light directly on the ceiling. The bowel is normally made of metal or a high-temp plastic.

floor lamp lighting
floor lamp lighting

2.) Decide on what color you want your floor-lamp lighting unit to be. Many floor-lamp lighting units can easily be spray painted. If you choose one these then it would be easy to change the color. But the truth of the matter is that many metal floor-lamp lighting units are not painted in the first place.

Many metal floor-lamp lighting units are powder coated. When a manufacturer power coats their floor-lamp lighting units, they spray a colored powder on the floor-lamp lighting unit. This powder adheres to the metal. The floor-lamp lighting unit is then put into a large oven to bake the color right onto the metal parts.

This powder coating gives your floor-lamp lighting unit a much stronger coating than paint. Not all metal floor-lamp lighting are power coated. Some are painted with an epoxy paint. An epoxy paint is a two-part paint that gets very hard, through a chemical reaction. Using epoxy paint on a floor-lamp lighting unit makes the color last much longer than using a normal spray paint. It will last almost as long as powder coating does.

floor lamp lighting
floor lamp lighting

3.) Decide on the style you want. If you are looking for a classy antique reproduction floor-lamp lighting unit then feel free to look around. Some of the antique floor-lamp lighting units look great. But keep in mind that some day they will need cleaned. And dusting some of these antique floor-lamp lighting units with their intricate bends and curves, can be time consuming. Fortunately they don’t need cleaned too often.

4.) Replace your nightstands with stylish floor-lamp lighting units. You can make your bedroom look like royalty lives there. Imagine that on each side of the head of the bed, there stands a gold floor-lamp lighting unit. It easily gives the room a very regal look.

You can do some very simple decorating using floor-lamp lighting units with great results. Many of these changes will make drastic changes in the way your house looks. Take your time and choose the right tips floor-lamp lighting units for your home.

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