Things To Consider When Purchasing Kitchen Cabinets

One of the easiest projects you can do around your house to perk up an old look, so to speak, is to install new kitchen cabinets. Even though the concept sounds relatively simple, actually getting down to the work does take some effort. The result, however, can be very rewarding, exciting, and better yet, an investment for resale of the home; if you so choose. The following information on this site will outline some basic principles to consider when choosing new cabinets for your kitchen; beginning with the option of painting or staining the new cabinetry.

Deciding to paint or stain your cabinets depends on a couple of questions you need to ask yourself. First, will you want to change the color of your kitchen cabinets in the future? If your answers is yes, then painting is your best option; since changing a stain color is much more difficult after the fact. And second, what type of wood best matches your decor if staining your cabinets is your final choice. Let’s begin with a few wood choices that work well with paint. As you browse the aisles of home improvement stores such as Lowes, or Home Depot, there are many varieties of painted, kitchen cabinets to choose from. A few name brands worth mentioning are: Kraftmaid, Kitchen Craft, and Merillat. All of these brands would make an excellent addition to your kitchen. And the woods they are constructed from are all designed to take paint rather well. A short list of these woods includes: birch, clear pine, poplar, and for a more rustic look to your finished, painted cabinets, knotty pine. Whatever base wood you choose, though, painted cabinets are a great complement to any kitchen; colorful and full of character!

On the other hand, if stained kitchen cabinets are your one and only choice, there are a variety of woods to choose from depending on what type of decor your kitchen emits. Are you looking for an earthy, traditional look? Then Oak cabinets are a great choice. Varieties such as Red Oak, White Oak, and Black Oak all take light to medium stains with extreme clarity and shine. Or, if your kitchen demands a stylish, sophisticated appeal, then Cherry, Hickory, Ash, or Walnut cabinets definitely fit the bill.

Being that these cabinets are unfinished, you can probably find a good discount on some quality cabinets, since you seem to be willing to put in a little manual labor anyhow. If you have the correct measurements, you can search the internet for cheap kitchen cabinets and order online. Just make sure they are made of the material you prefer before your make the purchase so you don’t have any surprises when your order arrives.

Whatever type of cabinet you choose, either painted, stained or unfinished, there is a species and quality of wood perfect for the occasion.

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