The Modern Looking Steel Bathroom Vanity

While glass bathroom vanities are extremely modern and gaining popularity in households across the world, one cannot forget to discuss the metal bathroom vanities. A metal bathroom vanity is made specifically out of steel. People prefer these vanities because they are much more durable than their glass counterparts and generally last much longer than glass ones too. Since they are durable, they can hold more weight but at the same time, they are lighter than glass. This combination of properties make them a popular choice.

Similar to glass, a steel bathroom vanity is low maintenance since it is also easy to clean. This appeals most to families that have young kids that tend to make messes. For families with kids, there is a downside. On one hand the durability of steel is great because it can take the abuse without breaking. However, on the other hand, it scratches very easily. After a few years, it can have a lot of scratches if you don’t have a scratch remover to fix it up.

Steel Bathroom Vanity
Steel Bathroom Vanity

The neat thing is that vanity manufacturers are starting to also build stainless steel sinks. Some people enjoy the complete stainless steel look with both vanity, sink, cabinets and faucets made out of steel. Some people even have a mirror lined with stainless steel. For me, that’s too much steel! For that reason I prefer the combination of both glass and steel. This is an extremely contemporary look.

A nice look is a bathroom that is made out of a combination of both steel and glass. Usually, the countertop and sink will be made out of glass while the bottom part of the vanity and the bathroom vanity cabinets will be made out of steel. This modern look is preferred by many bathroom remodelers as they can accent the washroom with accessories made both out of glass and steel.

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