Stainless Steel Shelves Overview And Benefits

The high grade stainless steel is electro polished in order to get rid of various impurities that will allow your shelves to have a nice and bright finish. This is why the material is highly durable and long lasting even under the more stressful conditions.

When you look at one single wall shelf, it is basically created from 304 series 16 gauge (1.2mm) solid stainless steel. While originally they were designed for commercial storage, the stainless steel shelves can easily be installed in your own home, in the kitchen area or anywhere else that you need strong and sturdy shelving solutions. Many people install them in their garage and sheds where working on their crafts and DIY projects. Also the natural chrome oxide film that is formed on top of its surface gives an additional layer of protection for this sturdy material.

You can find nowadays many types of shelves including the following:

  • Microwave shelf
  • Plain wall shelf
  • Wall mounted bracket shelf
  • Cookbook and pot rack shelf
  • Floating shelf
  • Sink shelf
  • Decorative wall shelf
  • Custom shelving
  • Shelving unit

And important aspect of using stainless steel shelves is that they are extremely easy to clean and maintain and they are practically rust proof. This is an additional reason why they are perfect in any kitchen. Also while by themselves they don’t lend too much in the decorative area, they do complement any kitchen with other stainless steel components, including stainless steel cabinets, stainless steel cupboards or furniture with stainless steel cabinet pulls, knobs and other accessories.

Some of these shelves are actually made of mesh wire, making them a perfect stainless steel wire shelving. They give enough air circulation, maximize access and minimize the need for dusting. This is why this particular type is used also in hospitals and warehouse in addition to homes and industrial areas. If you are suffering from allergies, stainless steel wire shelving will help you as the dust is no longer stored on your shelves.

Stainless steel shelves are a perfect storage solution when your place is suffering from space constraints such as is the case in many smaller flats and apartments.

Here are comprised a few of the various stainless steel shelf types benefits of having them around your home or work place:

  • Hygiene – hospitals and other medical institutions, including pharmacies, clinics and nursing homes use them on a regular basis due to this benefit.
  • Resistance to fire and heat – due to the nickel alloy and chrome that it has, it is quite fire, scale, corrosion and heat resistant.
  • Sturdy – it is one of the strongest, most sturdy materials and it is also one of the longest lasting.
  • Design – while it is not particularly beautiful by itself, it greatly complements any room that has additional stainless steel functional or decorative elements in it, such as stainless steel cabinets, stainless steel cupboards or stainless steel cabinet pulls.
  • Good value for the money – it is not very expensive to get and you will know that you can get some good value for the money due to the high quality of this material overall.

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