Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Stainless steel is for a long time a winner among appliances but nowadays there is a clear trend in kitchen design to have stainless steel kitchen cabinets. These have a restaurant type of design which matches practically any kitchen. The material is 100% recyclable and it is very durable, flexible, has sanitary qualities and simply looks gorgeous in any kitchen. Stainless steel cabinets look great in practically any kitchen.

You can find now stainless steel applied to countertops, backsplashes, table tops and of course as of recently, cabinets as well. You can find these cabinets either made for your own kitchen specifications and manufacturers are able to mix the materials by creating insets of wood or glass and other types of metals. You can truly create a unique kitchen design by having stainless steel cabinets integrated in it.

Manufacturers created cabinets that are conforming to the industry standard dimensions for cabinets in the kitchen. The boxes are usually 34.5″ high which includes the legs, and they are 24″ deep. Widths start at 12″ and increase in increments of 3″ right up to 45″. The cabinets are made from 18 gage type 304 stainless steel material, spot welded to create a strong and durable structure. They usually allow installing of any common kitchen accessory, such as lazy susans, pull out garbage bins, pancake lights, slide out pantry racks, and many more. Also if you ask manufacturers, they can custom make you the kitchen cabinets to your own kitchen specifications and preferences.

Most of the welded cabinets actually support over 1000 pounds of weight, so they are extremely durable, much more so than other types of materials usually used in the kitchen.

To care for your stainless steel kitchen cabinet you need to make sure that acids don’t touch the surface, else they will leave stains. Should this occur by accidents, you need to rinse it off with water right away, else the steel might have to be refinished in order to remove the stain properly. Try to avoid storing chlorine or pool supplies near these cabinets to avoid such accidents.

When you clean the cabinet don’t use abrasive cleaner on it as will change the appearance of your cabinet due to the fact that it will act as a polishing agent. Should your cabinets become scratched with use, you can find online some products that remove scratches, rust, chemicals and even heat stains. One of the best one that many stainless steel kitchen cabinets manufacturers recommend is the Scratch-B-Gone repair kit, but there are many other similar stainless steel scratch remover products on the market that reach the same result.

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