Stainless Steel Garage Cabinets

Stainless steel garage cabinets are very useful in any home owner’s garage. Usually a garage is used for storing lots of things that are not needed on a daily basis, or garden and yard tools, or various home improvement tools that just don’t fit in the actual house. However eventually every garage gets full of stuff and a decluttering and cleaning is in order. If you think your garage will never get to that stage, think again.

It is human nature to buy and store, and buy and store some more and every place is limited so eventually it gets full. Also if you have a car, it takes quite a lot of space in the garage. With a few cabinets placed in strategical location such as overhead or on the floor against the wall, you will really make sure that there is always place for your car since it is a common occurrence that the car is the one suffering when the garage is getting full. Most people tend to leave their cars outside simply because there is no longer space in the garage for them!

This is why having a few good quality stainless steel garage cabinets such as the Viper tool storage cabinet will effectively help you get more space in your garage for your garage storage needs while at the same time keep your room clean, neat and organized. But first of all why the need for stainless steel, why not go with wood or other materials?

Wooden cabinets are great and my dad used to have one of these in his garage for his storage solutions. The problem that I personally saw with it is that wood is not that durable. While it can last for a couple of years, not everyone has the money to replace their entire cabinet set every few years. Wood can easily warp, buckle, get moist and damaged and even break. This is just the nature of wood.

There are also many plastic garage cabinets or tools organization and while they do look good, dare I say that plastic is actually worse than wood. I don’t really trust it to hold heavy machinery equipment or tools that are used in the shed or garage. They do install very easily and are very efficient and are not prone to corrosion like regular metal cabinets are, however they are just not as sturdy, long lasting and of quality material as stainless steel is.

Stainless steel cabinets, on the other hand have the benefit of having real hardcore stainless steel material as basis. As we know stainless steel is extremely durable even under the harshest of conditions and abuse, it lasts long and it is actually a great looking furniture material that doesn’t really scratch and it’s very easy to clean if it gets dirty. What I also like about this material is that it remains nice and shiny throughout the years, while regular metal cabinets do get dull and boring looking over time. This is why I think that stainless steel is really the best when it comes to its benefits over other materials.

Stainless steel garage storage cabinets are very sleek and modern looking storage cabinets that will effectively change the look of any garage. Here are some of the benefits of owning one in your own home garage which really give you the most of the money you are spending on organizing and storing your tools and other accessories.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Garage Cabinets


As I mentioned above, other materials have flaws that stainless steel doesn’t have. For example, wood is chipping, buckling and warping and even breaking. Plastic is easy to crack and it’s just not a material I’d trust my heavy tools with. Regular metal rusts, corrodes and dulls with time, even though I do consider it much more durable than the previous two materials. Stainless steel, on the other hand, has none of these defects. If any of the other materials get damaged, they really need to be replaced. If stainless steel gets a small bump or ding on the drawer or in it, it can be easily fixed without any need for a replacement. Also it has adjustable stationary platform that is very handy for a cabinet.

Very easy to clean

Wood or plastic are usually painted over. This means that maintenance can be quite tough in the long run. For example you can spill a number of things on it, such as paint thinners, oils or various acid materials (and on wood even water can damage it), the shelving part will be most probably damaged and will need to be replaced. Stainless steel cabinets make for very easy cleaning. All you need is a cloth to wipe off the intruding liquid and in most of the cases you won’t even notice a remaining stain.

Much safer than other materials

By safe I mean better equipped to withstand any abuse by intruders. Wood is easy to break and plastic even more so. If you lock up a stainless steel cabinet, chances are it becomes impenetrable, particularly if you add a padlock to it. Unless one knows how to open the lock, the cabinet will not be cut, broken or simply opened like other materials can.

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