Painted Kitchen Cabinets Give New Life To Old Cabinets

The cabinets looked wonderful five years ago. Now, however, the wears and tears of everyday life have taken their toll on your cabinets. You need to do an honest inspection of the cabinets and make a judgment call. Should you replace the whole set of cabinets or can you buy some time with a paint job? Painted kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen a whole new life and brighten and sparkle the entire room. But, if your old cheap cabinets are worn with age, have undersized particleboard bottoms or peeling paper sides, you might be better off replacing the entire set.

Let’s assume your cabinets just need some tender loving care to make them last another few years. A paint job may be in order. Even a novice can attack this project and succeed. The first question you’re going to be asking yourself as you head off to Home Depot or Lowe’s is, what kind of of paint should I be buying for the best painted kitchen cabinets? In recent years, latex paints have seen a great deal of improvements. The positive side of them is that they clean up easily with water and tend to dry quickly. Bottom line, they’re just more user-friendly than the oil based paints. Many pro painters favor the top coats made from an oil base because they seem to form a harder, more durable paint film. They also will level out a surface to a smoother finish.

After you’ve decided on a paint type, you need to decide on what additional equipment you might need. Some people choose to rent a sprayer to spray their paint on to the cabinets. This is a viable option for many, but most newbies may want to try this in a less traveled room than the popular kitchen. You can get excellent results by brush painting with a good brush, so don’t skimp on a quality brush. Another piece of advice, don’t use foam applicators or rollers as they leave stipple marks regardless of how good of a painter you are. Remove the doors from the cabinets and remember to make some sort of mark so you’ll know the top from the bottom later on. Take all the hardware off to assure a quality paint job, but replacing the hardware will be an even better move in updating the look of your painted kitchen cabinets. With new hardware and smooth paint jobs, you can extend the life of your cabinets and make your kitchen cabinets look like new.

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