Oil Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Hardware

This includes hardware such as kitchen knobs, hinges and pulls that have an oil rubbed bronze finish. If you go to any Home Depot or any other DIY store, you will find them quite easily there, as they are extremely common.

One of the best thing about them is that they match quite well with your shower heads, your faucets and various doors. It’s an cabinet finish that goes well with pretty much anything, just like with the stainless steel cabinets that are so popular nowadays.

As a matter of fact, my grandma saw one day that I’ve replaced my knobs in the kitchen and added the new oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware instead. What she told me surprised the heck out of me. She said that this is what she was using when she started out on her own many years ago. And I though this hardware is quite new. Upon further research on the internet though, I had to agree that indeed, this is quite an old finish that is simply experiences a major comeback.

Basically originally it was a living finish, meaning that oil is added to bronze or brass material and by letting it oxidize in the open air, it would receive that great oily look that is so popular nowadays. Unfortunately using that old technology meant that over time through wear and tear the knobs and other prepared hardware were getting various spots that destroyed the consistent finish and look of the piece rendering it quite ugly, to be honest.

Nowadays they do it in a different (and more sophisticated) way. The technology of today will allow getting the oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware without those ugly spots occurring soon after. This is happening by using a chemical that darkens the surface by something called electroplating technology. Told you it’s a more modern and sophisticated technology. Now copper has a gorgeous chocolate brown, deep rich surface color that really looks edible.

Having such a hardware set at home you really make a difference in your kitchen or bathroom ambient. While previously your room might have looked boring, now you will truly spruce up the look of the room and make it stand up and become the talk of your guests. This hardware set indeed can turn your room into a rustic looking room that accents the already existing decor quite well.

One thing you need to pay attention to when buying your new oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware is that the pieces should all match up. Basically various manufacturers add to their brands a lightly different finish tone and color, so unless you buy your entire set from one place (or from one manufacturer) you might get mismatched pieces in between.

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