Nice Cabinets At A Nice Price: Try RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are important components of the heart of any home. With the increasing size and importance of today’s kitchens, cabinets have perhaps never been more important. Cabinets give a kitchen character; they set the tone for the decorating scheme; and they store and hide all the necessary kitchen items. Kitchen cabinets can also be expensive. In a typical kitchen remodel, cabinets will account for around fifty percent of the total cost, or perhaps even more, depending on the scale of the project. Nowadays, however, homeowners have many more options for kitchen cabinets, and can find substantial savings by using RTA kitchen cabinets.

“RTA” stands for ready to assemble. These cabinets come in flat boxes, with all holes pre-drilled and pre-marked. The homeowner would assemble the frame of the cabinet, attach the doors, and then install the cabinets. RTA kitchen cabinets are available from several retailers, including low-cost housing goods giant IKEA, and all of the big “box” home retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s. They can also be ordered online from a variety of websites. Online retailers can offer even greater savings than a store can; at other times, the prices will be less expensive if you go through a store.

Using RTA kitchen cabinets doesn’t automatically mean that you are downgrading your options. On the contrary, you can find options from the most basic and inexpensive, all the way up to fancy and expensive options. On the cheaper side, you can even paint or finish the cabinets yourself. Refinished kitchen cabinets give a more expensive, custom look anyhow. By selecting a mix of standard, inexpensive, and expensive options, you can find yourself buying very nice cabinets at a very nice price.

RTA kitchen cabinets come in standardized sizes, which makes it easier for the do-it-yourself designer to plan a functional and eye-pleasing kitchen. Careful measuring and planning will be required, for sure, but in many cases there is no reason that an individual cannot successfully design, buy, assemble, and install their own cabinets. Be sure to leave plenty of time for each step of the project; rushing is a sure-fire way to miss a detail or make a costly mistake.

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