Italian Kitchen Cabinets

Italian Kitchen Cabinets – Top Design Tips For Cabinets, Furniture, And Lighting

Italian Kitchen Cabinets – Top Designing Tips

People have different perceptions when it comes to Italian kitchen designs. These kitchens became popular for their innovative and sleek appeal. However, for most people, with the Italian kitchen theme comes images of huge family get-togethers and gatherings in rooms designed with an old-world charm. If you plan to have an Italian kitchen, start your home improvement project by shopping for Italian kitchen cabinets.

Before you begin your venture, keep in mind that the traditional Italian kitchen always comes with a rustic feel. They are not only cozy and warm, but they integrate elements of the outdoors too. Terracotta, stone, and other natural materials will complement an Italian kitchen very well.


If you have a small kitchen space, you should not emphasize such lack of space by painting the cabinets in burgundy tones and heavy, deep oranges. Note that dark colors can result in having an already small kitchen area look even tinier since darker hues soak up light, instead of reflecting it out. Choose lighter color palette with warmer tones. When it comes to rustic Italian kitchen cabinets go for warm colors that imitate the sunsets of the Tuscan countryside, like gold undertones and warm yellows.

Another efficient method to create a Mediterranean look is by replacing the handles on the cabinets and drawers. For a rustic feel, place brass handles. For modern appeal, pick a simpler design, while a traditional look goes well with ornate designed handles.


An Italian kitchen is not complete without furniture that suits your preferred theme. Keep in mind that your kitchen is the heart of your home and it should have room for accommodating large groups of people. An Italian-style wooden harvest table will be a significant addition to your kitchen. Put rush seats around your table to sustain the natural theme. For a comfy look, place a couple of benches as an alternative for chairs on the long sides, and then place a huge chair at each of the table’s end. Adding throw pillows will also help make your space look even more inviting.


Because Italian kitchens can bring the outside environment in, it’s essential to make use of natural or authentic looking material for the kitchen floors. You can go for natural-colored or terracotta ceramic tiles. Hardwood floors are also an excellent addition to your Italian kitchen.


Aside from Italian kitchen cabinets, another crucial aspect for Italian themed kitchen is the lighting accessories. Look for a brass chandelier in thrift stores or antique shops. If you can’t get brass lighting, use gold spray paint and apply it to the frame of the chandelier. A bristle brush can be utilized to place dark brown over the gold to achieve an aged, rustic look in the kitchen.

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