Headboard Lamp: Bedroom Lamps & Fixtures for Reading

A lot of people like to read at nighttime before going off to sleep. Reading lights, such as the headboard lamp, can be positioned in a desired spot to focus light exactly where it is required. It is necessary to get the right type of lighting for bedtime reading to avoid too much stress on the eyes or to experience headaches.

Sleek, and glossy, a clip on bed lamp is seen in a variety of designs, sizes to attach to most flat surfaces, up to 2 ½ inches in width, and styles to coordinate with most interior design set-ups. A grip, with solid hold is able to attach with ease to shelves, desktops, bed frames, headboards or just about anything.

Primary Used for Nighttime Reading

Headboard Lamp
Headboard Lamp

Primary used for night reading, the headboard-reading lamp, which is attached to the headboard, is especially designed to direct the right illumination down over the shoulder, lighting up the page of a book, likely to be resting on the lap. A clip on heap lamp, positioned up and to the rear, eliminates a lot of the need to twist or turn in bed to achieve a desirable light angle, and makes nighttime reading easy.

Benefits to the reading lamps is not just there ability to offer a adequate level of night time illumination for reading a book or screen, but also to add a attractive accent piece to a bedroom.

Headboard Lamps And Thier Quality Features

Headboard Lamp
Headboard Lamp

Upholstered and wooden headboard applicable, the features common to a unique-styled clip on bed lamp include a gooseneck arm (6 – 9.5-inch) for complete flexibility in directing light, built in dimmer, corded and cordless models, and use of a single 40 – 60-watt bulb. Stylish headboard reading lights, with brushed steel or bronze finish, often retail in the region of $39.99 to $59.99, while a more basic clip light costs in the region of $6.99 to $14.99.

Other Clip Headboard Lamp Alternatives

Besides the clip on headboard reading light, three other main types of nightlights are available for the bedside, and consist of the free-standing nightstand lamp, floor lamps, and wall-mountable lamp. Bedside lights are perfect for an endless number of uses – whether this is for reading at night, finishing off some paperwork, using an iPad, MacBook or PC equivalent, or just wanting in night light – no matter the preferred option, all of these present favorable reading conditions for book or screen.

Headboard Lamp
Headboard Lamp

Bedside lamps at often positioned on a nightstand, emit a soft light, sized medium to small, and give a sophisticated lighting piece to a modern or retro-inspired bedroom. Floor reading lamps, at 4 to 5-ft tall, offer a great degree of flexibility in placement to provide a light source equivalent to natural sunlight for a comfortable reading or work light. Wall-mountable lamps offer the most space-efficient solution to lighting up a bed space, and easily install to a wall via 3 or 4 screws.

One more option to direct a focused light direct over a paperback or e-reader (Kindle, Sony PRS, Barnes & Noble Nook, etc) is the ultra light, compact, and portable book clip lights. A clip-on light attaches to the top of the e-Ink based electronic reader to offer a well-contained beam of light, avoiding hot spots, fully adjusts, and won’t disturb others sleeping close by. Using LED technology, these book lights are safe to use, rated to last 10,000+ hours, emit minimal heat, and run on batteries, thus eliminating restrictive cords.

Whether a clip-on lamp is to attach to a hobby or study desk to those to fix to a headboard, a light source of this nature with gooseneck is perfect to position is a variety of positions.

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