Clip On Bed Light: Low-Heat Clip On Bed Lights

For nighttime reading, bedtime stories, or late-night homework, a comfortable, quiet location without a great deal of distractions is desirable and more often than not, this ends up being the cozy retreat of a bedroom. A lot of people like late night reading, and for those people, a clip on bed light offers super-bright illumination, with no glare, avoids eyestrain, and guarantees minimal disruption to others near-by.

Using a standard ceiling light for nighttime reading lights up the entire room, and affects anyone else in the bedroom wishing to get some sleep, so going for a specific night light is the perfect solution to avoid disturbing others. Direction lights, meaning those with a flexible or bendable neck, are designed to position the light at the desired angle to spread light across the entire page of a paperbook or eReader screen, rather than a wider area around you.

Clip On Bed Light
Clip On Bed Light


• Low Heat Light; Energy Efficient (LED-based)
• Bendable-arm; Re-position without bouncing
• Solid Articulating clamp to attach to most surfaces
• Battery Life of 25 to 40-hours

Reliable Grips for All Flat Surfaces

Simple-to-use, the clip lights for beds are designed to attach to most bed rails, side tables or shelf units, up to a maximum 1.5-inch, via a solid clip, screw, or strap attachment to give adults or little people a perfect source of illumination at night time, in low-light conditions.

Although offering a solid, reliable grip, clamp on bed reading lamps do not cause damage to the furniture piece it attaches to, such as a bed rail, side table, or desk, as the actual clip often comes with a protective, rubber-type lining.

Perfect Positioning for Late Night Reading

Clip On Bed Light
Clip On Bed Light

A flexible or angled neck offers perfect positioning for a late night read – the ability to direct the clip on lights makes it that much easier to illuminate the pages of a book, rather than a general area. Portable designed, the clip-on reading lamps offer complete ease in moving the light to different rooms or locations so that you can read in bed, move to a reading chair, or back again at any time to fit a mood.

Encourage children to read at night independently, a clip light is available in a wide variety of elegant styles, sizes, and configurations to sit pride of place in vibrant colored child’s or an elegantly styled parent’s room. In clean white and chrome, crisp-brushed steel, or polished black, the clip on bed lamp is designed with multiple mounting options to attach to most flat, solid surfaces.
Ultra-Bright LED’s for Clip Lights

A popular style of clip on headboard reading light consists of those with super bright LEDs. LED technology provides an effective source of light, without glare (avoids eyestrain), generates a lot less heat (than a standard bulb), and rated to last up to 100,000-hours. LED-based reading lights do not consume as much energy as their incandescent bulb counterparts, nor release harmful emissions, meaning that these bulbs are counted as being earth-friendly.

All in all, a good quality bed light, with its clip-on base and adjustable neck, is vital to enhance the overall reading experience, reduces eyestrain or headaches – which can often ruin a relaxing reading session – practical for an endless number of other applications, and takes up minimal space.

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