Book Lights for Reading

Best Book Lights for Reading

Read a book or magazine in complete comfort, the extremely compact and convenient book lights for reading are designed to provide superb illumination, no matter the lighting conditions.

Using the latest LED technology, the stylish book reading lights are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and configurations (stand alone or clip-on) to assist all those wishing to indulge in some late-night reading – without disturbing those nearby.

All-Types of Reading Lights

All Purpose – an all-purpose book reading light, with its flexible neck, reliable clamp, and ultra-bright LEDs offers one of the most common task lights, these simple hands-free lights offer a clear, bright, and glare-free spotlight for the user to read at night, undertake hobbies, use a laptop, or use at a campsite.

Pen-Like Reading Light – constructed in rubber-coated metal, a small, pen-like reading light is designed to discreetly clip onto a single page to give a nice level of light, and often comes with the ability to rotate, so perfect to illuminate either page, or both at once.

Clip on book lights – are also available for the expanding collection of digital e-Reader systems, such as the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble nook, Kobo, and Sony PRS.

Book Lights for Reading
Book Lights for Reading

A lightweight and compact light of this nature, with its single super-bright LED, is designed to function seamlessly with the stylish genuine-leather jackets to disperse ample light to easily illuminate the 6-inch digital display screens.

Featuring a flexible, steel neck (fine tune the lighting position), multiple brightness settings (normal, low, and high), and this versatile booklight offers an impressive add-on to read, without eyestrain, in low-light conditions. A LED book light can run for up to 20-hours, with no noticeable dimming, before the batteries (3 AAA) need replacing.

Angled at the Desired Spot

Also, a bookstand light offers a perfect solution to balance most hardback or paperback books, from the latest Suzanne Collins novel to a Perfect Scoop recipe guide, in a comfortable and easy-to-read angle.

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