Book Light: Finding the Best Types Of Book Lights

Light up a page with an amazing amount of direct, ultra-bright, and glare-free light, the table or clip-on book light is available in a variety of designs (LED and incandescent), styles (see below), are low on battery consumption, and are generally affordable. Also, the reading lamps are designed to be ultra-light to ensure a ‘mass market’ paperback, hardback or e-reader isn’t weighed down.OK

If reading a Kindle, Sony PRS, Barnes Noble Nook or similar branded eReader, choose a book light specific to these E-ink devices; the top-frame of an eReaders is often shallow, and unlikely to accept a standard sized reading light. Reading lights specific to the electronic-books consist of the Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On Light, the Verso Clip-On Reading Light, and the Beam Kindle Light.

Book Light
Book Light

Which Type Of Book Lights Outshines the Others?

● Clip On – Book lights that clip to top of a book to provide a well-contained pool of light; avoiding hot spots, and fully adjusts to project a sufficient degree of light to read a full-page without a need to constantly reposition – resulting in a great accessory for the office, traveling or at home.

● Wearable Book – Compact, portable, and multi-purpose, a hands-free light is designed to comfortable fit over-the-ear (adjusts for the left or right ear) or comes attached to a strap to hang around the neck. An ear light is perfect to use for reading, moving around in low-light conditions, or similar household tasks where it is desirable to keep the hands free.

● Bookmark – Ultra-thin, compact, and lightweight, the clip-on bookmark lights function as both a reading light and reliable page-keeper. Fits virtually any book, the easily portable LED reading light is constructed in a sturdy plastic / metal combination to give durability and a solid hold once clipped inside a book.

Top Book Lights to Read On-the-Go

• TheLightWedge Paperback Book Light, with its page-sized acrylic lens and 2-bright LED’s, is designed to lie flat on a page and provides a well-contained pool of light (avoids bothering neighbors close by or sleepers) to illuminate a single page. It is sized to fit most ‘mass market’ paperback books, powered for up to 40-hours, and weighs a mere 6.5-ounces w/batteries. Size 7.25-inch in length x 5.25-inch in width. A larger-sized LightWedge is also available to fit hardcover or ‘trade’ paperback books.

• TheMighty Bright XtraFlex2 Book Light, with its bendable arm, super-bright LED bulb, and long-life battery, is a compact-sized clip-on book light – able to grip almost anything, and spreads a light source evenly, while avoiding hot spots. Size: 8.4-inch in height x 1.75-inch in length x 4-inch in width.

Book Light
Book Light

On top of its ability to function as an easy portable clip-on book light, the tabletop or clip lamps are able to double-up as a task or travel light for a wide variety of applications, either inside or out. Including such possible uses as aiming the right amount of light for the latest crafting, puzzling or sewing project, working on a notebook, or illuminating a dark camp site.

All in all, a well-designed travel book light, with its clip-on base and bendable-arm, provides a discreet light source for those practicing nighttime reading, whether its in bed, in a car, or on a plane, and won’t disturb others nearby.

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