Aquarium LED Lighting

Welcome to your source for finding quality Aquarium LED Lighting for your saltwater fish tank. LED lights were once used only as moonlights for nighttime viewing, but these lights were not intense enough to keep corals. As technology improved, the intensity of LED bulbs increased and Ecoxotic emerged as innovator in saltwater aquarium lighting.

Saltwater Aquarium LED Lighting:

These high powered Saltwater Aquarium LED Lighting fixtures can be more intense than power compact, T5 and even metal halide lighting. Aquarium LED Lighting is a breakthrough for saltwater aquariumsbecause you will be able to keep almost any species of photosynthetic coral without having to worry about replacing bulbs or energy costs. LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours, that is 11 years if you run the lights 12 hours per day, and they use significantly less energy than metal halide. They also produce less heat than traditional lighting so there is no longer a need for a chiller to maintain your aquarium’s temperature. You will also notice more spectacular colors in your corals.
Here is how to determine if Aquarium LED Lighting is worth the money: Cost of Aquarium LED Lighting Fixture + Electricity is less than the Cost of Metal Halide Light Fixture + Replacement Bulbs + Chiller (~$750 if required) + Electricity. In most cases, hobbyists are finding that if you have your aquarium for at least three years, it is worth it.

Ecoxotic Cannon LED Aquarium Light:

This is the fixture that saltwater hobbyists have dreamed of for years. This ultra bright aquarium LED lighting fixture uses only 50 watts of powered compared to the traditional 250 watt metal halide light. Unlike metal halide, there is no bulky ballast or expensive, space consuming reflectors you need to buy. All you need to do is hang or mount the fixture and then plug it in. This fixture is available in two colors 12,000K white or 453nm blue. This light produces a fantastic shimmering effect and has deeper penetration than metal halide, so it can be used on aquariums deeper than 24 inches.

Ecoxotic PAR38 Aquarium LED Lighting:

This LED bulb inserts into a normal light bulb socket and 5 powerful LEDs create an intense beam of light. These bulbs are perfect for creating a shimmering effect and providing additional light to a particular area of your aquarium. This bulb is available in 12,000K white or Deep Royal Blue.

Ecoxotic Panorama Aquarium LED Lighting Fixtures:

This high powered light fixture will allow you to keep a variety of corals from mushroom leathers to acropora species. Each row of LED lights contains twelve 1 watt LED bulbs with a total of six rows in the 24 inch fixture. The bulbs will last up to 50,000 hours and will provide excellent growth and coloration for your corals. The Aquarium LED Lighting fixture also has built in moonlights to create a dawn dusk effect.

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